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Inspired Horsemanship, LLC  Minnesota, Twin Cities Area
My Job is to Inspire You . . .
Jen Gruber
Riding Lessons: Private Lessons: Natural Horse Training: Hope Energy Healing & Body Work Nurtural Bitless Bridle Riding Coach Fear Free Riding Coach The mediocre teacher tells, The good teacher explains, The superior teacher demonstrates, The great teacher inspires. - William A. Ward -
Riding is for life and life is riding! Come and enjoy the "experience" of Inspired Horsemanship!

I specialize in teaching riding lessons for all ages using natural horsemanship techniques. I teach 2 year olds through adults. Riding at any age helps develop balance, focus, empathy, leadership and FUN!!

I have developed a toddler program and a children's program with a full curriculum so that your child will have a balanced, individualized experience. My adult program builds the foundation for the rider so you will excel in your riding experience, whether you learn on your own horse or ride my schoolmaster horse Rio.

I teach private lessons so that the student will have the "wholistic" - one on one experience; where ground training, trail riding, bareback riding, bridle-less riding, are just some of the things you learn. While taking lessons a student can learn from Western to English style riding, games, basic dressage and basic jumping. I believe in the individualized approach - so each student learns at their own pace and at their own skill level. I also can travel to your barn to teach/train on your own horse.

Many horse owners are fearful and unconfident with their horses and I have the expertise to help you overcome those fears. Using natural horsemanship techniques, along with Breath and Energy work, the foundations are learned to develop the relationship, trust and respect that you want with your horse. Understanding your horse's "horsenality" will change your relationship forever and unlock your horse's potential!!!


Living in peace with what is . . .